Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting Services

Water jet technology has been used for decades and today, due to environmental and economic issues it is an important tool with many applications. Ultra high pressure, as defined by the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) is water pressures over 30,000 psi. UHP Water Jetting removes coatings, rust, and other tough adherents without the hazards of abrasive blasting. The resulting surface meets or exceeds all recognised standards (including the WJ-1 or “white metal” specification of NACE No. 5/ SSPC-SP 12).

Water Jetting is also the only way to meet the SC-2 standard for removing soluble salts, which hamper adhesion and often lead to coating failure. During abrasive blasting, these contaminants are often trapped in cavities within the metal. UHP water jetting cleans deeply enough to prevent these invisible “corrosion cells” from forming, and restores the surface’s original profile.


  • Significantly reduces the amount of deposit. Compared to grit blasting, up to 98% less solid waste material needs to be considered
  • Significantly reduces the time required for clean up
  • Dust free, allowing other trades to work within the vicinity
  • Low impact forces on surface
  • Able to operate in rainy or windy environments
  • Highest possible cleanliness level


Our UHP Deck Blaster Recovery System uses innovative technology to completely remove all paint and other stubborn surface materials from your boat without the need to remove it from the water. The Deck Blaster is fitted with a vacuum connection allowing for waste water and waste materials to be removed from the work surface and recovered.

This revolutionary system not only saves you massive costs associated with slipping fees and lost time, but also leaves surfaces ready for the application of paint almost immediately!

The DeckBlaster is quiet, safe and capable of use around other projects, getting your vessel back into service sooner.

FlexiLance Tube Cleaning

To keep heat exchanger systems operating at peak efficiency, petrochemical and refining facilities must clean their tubes thoroughly and regularly to keep them clear of process-related deposits. Such deposits can drastically limit the system’s ability to transfer heat, driving operating costs substantially higher.

Our automated system for cleaning tubes at Ultra High Pressure is a superior method for removing extremely hard product build-up from heat transfer tubes. Utilising innovative cleaning attachments and safety backout preventers ensures safe operator positioning and maximum cleaning efficiency. In addition to increasing productivity, the automated water jet systems improve the quality and consistency of the cleaning process. The system allows tubes to be cleaned both on the inward and outward passes, so more material is removed in less time. It also allows the operator to set the feed rate so that each tube will be cleaned in an even, repeatable manner.

Equipment design ensures the exposure of operating personnel to debris and high-pressure water is greatly reduced. The system will also clean bundle tubes  horizontally at the same efficient rate.



Hydrodemolition Services


With the use of conventional methods such as jack hammers, small stress fractures known as microfractures are created within the concrete. Although small, these fractures can significantly reduce the strength of the concrete and dramatically increase the chance of eventual delamination of the material. To avoid this concern, hydrodemolition utilises the effects of erosion rather than compressive impact to remove concrete. In other words, the water jet removes only the concrete that it is in direct contact with and leaves no residual microfractures.


Since the aggregate within concrete has a higher compressive strength than the cement surrounding it, our 1600 bar hydrodemolition system separates these two components with ease and the aggregate remains intact while the cement it is bonded to is destroyed. Because of this, the hydrodemolition surface includes
a cement base layer with bonded aggregate exposed. This surface is ideal for a monolithic bond to the repaired concrete because the aggregate shares a bonded surface to both the residual and repaired concrete.


Due to the high compression properties of steel, the rebar remains unaffected by the high pressure water jet involved utilised in hydrodemolition. In fact, the hydrodemolition process cleans the steel rebar which actually aids in the overall inspection of the structure.


Conventional methods for concrete removal have proven hazardous to the health of those performing it. Hydrodemolition virtually eliminates these threats as it is a clean process with no production of silica dust.



Kelly’s Australia use the very latest technology to provide detailed inspections of a drain or pipe system below ground or above ground in areas not readily accessible. Using an iPEK 48/70 system, the unit is suitable for inspecting pipes from 100mm to 1000mm and up to 200 metres in length. Video footage is provided on DVD with a detailed report on the condition of the drain.



  • Identify and locate faults
  • Inspect newly constructed sewer lines to verify in-built drawings and ensure the line has no construction defects
  • Pre and post construction inspections


CCTV inspection reports are critical to the development of rehabilitation and proactive maintenance programs and provide pictorial evidence for prioritising action. WinCan Software is used to record and store all data made available during inspections. WinCan is an easy to use reporting package that gives clear and concise reports. Clients have access to video clips and photographs captured directly from the survey. WinCan allows clients to view and print all required data from digital format and provides extensive reporting capabilities.

Drain Cleaning Services

Kelly’s Australia offer cleaning and inspection services for sewerage, stormwater and industrial pipelines; using the latest techniques and up to date technology. With over 15 years’ experience, Kelly’s has gained a reputation for our professional and reliable 24 hour service, and our ability to solve problematical situations for our clients.

Health and Safety is of the utmost importance to our company. We are committed to promoting a safe and healthy work environment for not only ourselves, but also our clients and all other persons at, or whom our work sites may affect.



The unbeatable way to clean drains and pipes is by low to medium pressure water jet, at high volume water flow. This method efficiently and effectively unblocks, cleans and flushes stormwater, sewer and industrial pipelines.

Our 452 Hydro blasting Unit is powered by an 80hp diesel motor and operates at 2000 psi with a volume of 130 litres per minute. The unit carries a variety of fixed type drain heads, variable nozzles and a spinning chain flail capable of removing a variety of materials such as tree roots, silt, debris, grease, bacterial cultures, sediments and cement slurry.


The unexpected can cause the greatest disruption and inconvenience. At best a blocked drain is a nuisance but at worst it could cause the shutdown of a business or pose a very serious health hazard. Whatever the drainage problem, wherever the location and whatever the time you call Kelly’s Australia, we will respond quickly and effectively to resolve your problem.

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